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Adding Value To Your Home
Last November, house prices fell by more than £5,000 on average, and with increased uncertainty over Brexit, this trend looks set to continue. Whether you’re looking to sell your property now or at some point in the future, are you doing all that you can to maintain your property value?
“In the largest November drop in prices since 2012, Rightmove said the average price of property coming to the market was down by 1.7%, or £5,222, on the month alone. It said the biggest falls were in London, where the typical asking price fell by £10,793 (a fall of 1.7%) and in the south-east of England, where prices were down £8,647 (2.1%).
The “ ripple effect”, where rising prices in London spread around the rest of the country during the boom years, has now reversed, said Rightmove, with falling prices in the capital now spreading across the south.
Separate research in October from the website Zoopla found that 38% of properties currently on the market have been marked down in price.” - The Guardian

Falling House Prices

How To Fight The Trend

Investing in your property seems like the obvious answer, but it really does work!
Small changes like repainting, replacing doors and windows, fixing leaky taps and squeaky floorboards may seem like they would have little to no impact on the price of a property, but combined can make a significant difference to an estate agents valuation and prospective buyers impression. Whilst these changes will help you reclaim some of your property value back, the more substantial changes in your home will provide a better return on investment, and this is how you fight the trend. ‘Location, Location, Location’ host, Phil Spencer has compiled his ‘top 20 ways to add value to your home’, we’ve picked our favourites and listed them below.  
Phil Spencer Article

Our Best Tips For Improving Property Value

Build A Conservatory

“A conservatory (cost £5,000 - £30,000) can add around 7% to the value, while a full-blown extension (£10,000 - £30,000) adds 11%.”
A well-designed conservatory will provide extra space all year round. We’ve been working in the industry for over 25 years and have acquired a wealth of experience in designing and building conservatories that make use of the garden space and add real value to homes.

Pave The Front Garden

“You may need planning permission, and may have to spend £10,000-£20,000, but the added value could be £50,000 in an expensive urban location.”
Paving over your front garden means less maintenance in the long term, a place to park at least one vehicle, and more space that can be used functionally.


Change The Windows

“But only if they don’t match the house as it is now. I am a big believer that whatever you decide to do should suit the age and style of the original property. If it was meant to have wooden windows, then put wooden windows in. If metal, then put in metal. Otherwise, leave well alone.”
We supply and fit UPVC double glazed windows in a variety of colours and finishes perfect for your home.

Concentrate On The Kitchen

“Typically, a new kitchen will add 4.6% onto the value.”
If the heart of the home is not up to scratch, prospective buyers will notice. A new kitchen doesn’t have to be a huge investment to gain some value back.
Windows and Kitchens

Modernise The Bathroom

“This is the other room that has really taken off lately. The secret is to keep things simples. You don’t need to do a lot with the room, it’s all about the features that you put in, such as a set of new taps (£20), a heated chrome towel rail (£50), a big new shower head (£20), a power shower (£250-£750), a glass screen (£100) or glass door (£125) instead of a shower curtain. A new bathroom puts 2.88% onto the house value.”
We specialise in turning small areas into efficiently designed rooms that maximise the space available.

Referencing statistics from The Guardian