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Top 5 Ways to Transform your Garden

1. Patio

When executed correctly, a garden patio is an extension of your design tastes and styles. The area created acts as an extension to your property in the summer; a place to relax, have friends over, barbeque, or dine al fresco. The options are endless when it comes to designing your new patio, would you go for a symmetrical design, or perhaps something more akin to crazy paving. A well-constructed patio is easy to maintain all year round and is guaranteed to last a long time. In addition to making your home look great, a patio will also increase the value of your property as it offers extra space for the family to commune.

Garden Path

2. Garden Path

Incorporating a path through your garden provides both practical and aesthetic benefits. If you like to maintain your garden, you’ll know the frustrations of treading all over your lawn trying to de-weed or re-bed flowers on the outskirts. For most people a well-kept lawn is just as important as the pretty plants, so having a garden path to use avoids damage. A path doesn’t have to feel intrusive in your garden however, as it can come in various styles and designs to suit. Previously we have helped lay paved, pebbled, or gravelled paths, and we’ve helped design paths that snake around shrubbery, go in straight lines, or encircle a property.


3. Stepping Stone Path

Anyone with children and a stepping stone pathway knows the hours of entertainment that can be had! Laying flat slabs across a grass or gravel area provides a practical pathway for budding gardeners, or access to sheds, summer houses, or garages. Wherever traffic through the garden is heavy, a stepping stone path will protect the grass. Visually striking and in direct contrast to the grassed area, a stepping stone provides an easy target for your feet as you walk through your garden. Where the line can be curved or made to disappear through a planted border to re-emerge beyond the plants, it draws the eye and increases the urge to follow it.

Stepping Stone Path
Garden Design Decking

4. Decking

Nothing says summer like al fresco dining on decking with a barbeque in the corner and friends around the table. Contrary to popular belief, a well-constructed decking using hardwood doesn’t require much maintenance over its lifetime; it may require oiling on occasion to help keep its colour, but less so than a cheaper softwood option. Like a patio, a decked area provides new space for the community in a home and helps to increase the value of a property. Since decked areas use a natural material, wood, they are easier to blend into the garden design and are less overpowering than perhaps a patio would be.


5. Gravel, Pebbles, Stones

Gravel, pebbles, and stones can provide unique finishes to flowerbeds and garden paths. They help to create distinct borders around features such as water features or lawn areas. The finishes they provide are elegant and professional and are exceptionally neat (given that you don’t have young children throwing the stones around the garden!). Perhaps you have a few plants in a flowerbed on the edge of your garden and have no plans on filling the area with other shrubberies, filling the space with gravel or stones will help draw the eye to the plants that you do have in the area.

Gravel, Stones, Pebbles

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