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Top 10 Driveway maintenance tips

1. When the weather is extremely hot, try not to leave garden items on your drive such as your barbecue.

2. Some people like to seal their asphalt drive. We would recommend that you do this 1-3 years, yet more regularly is recommended if you have extreme weather conditions throughout the year.

3. Alternatively, you must ensure that you sweep the drive thoroughly one a year. Use a stiff broom with a quality detergent, as well as laying a weed detergent to ensure that the drive stays weed free and in good condition throughout the year.

4. Another trick to remove stains is to use some hot soapy water and dishwasher detergent, then brush it into the stains.

5. Be careful not to overuse the detergent as this can cause the asphalt to wear away.

6. Sprouting grass and larger cracks can appear if grass clippings are not clear from the drive. Seeds from the clippings find their way into the cracks and being to grow within the cracks, so ensure that your drive is sweeped regularly to minimize this happening.

7. Be careful when using a power washer to clean your driveway. If it is to powerful and held at the wrong angle, then you run the risk of breaking the joining material or simply marking your driveway. Keep the pressure washer a fair distance away from the driveway, and angle the water at around 45 degrees.

8. Ensure you are wearing protective clothing when using detergents to maintain your drive.

9. Make sure not to use salt on your drive too regularly. If the weather conditions are snowy or icy, then it can be used, but if it is used regularly on the drive, it can once again to lead to the asphalt wearing away.

10. Try to keep off of your newly laid asphalt driveway for around 3 days depending on the weather conditions. If the weather is particularly hot, try and leave it for at least 5 days. Yet, if you've have had a block paving drive installed, you are free to use the drive straight away.

If these tips still aren't making your driveway look it's best and are letting the aesthetic of your property down, then get in touch to see how else we can help! Click here to get in touch